"They don't make them like they used to"

Vintage drums refer to a type of drum set construction that was popular in the mid-20th century. These drums were typically made with 3 plies of wood glued together - which later evolved into using more and thinner plies. This 3-ply construction technique was used by all the prominent drum manufacturers including Ludwig, Gretsch and Rogers.

The vintage construction technique was favored for its ability to produce a warm, resonant tone. Vintage drums are highly sought after by collectors and musicians, and can command high prices depending on their condition and rarity. However, many musicians feel that the sound quality of vintage drums is well worth the investment.

Well, now there's an alternative. Our ply shell (around 6 mm, 1/4") shell is constructed using either 1 or 2 mm thick plies of responsibly harvested premium wood in different combinations and configurations, protected with environmentally friendly hardwax oil finishes.

What do they sound like? Resonant and responsive with rich overtones and just the right amount of warm sustain.

Best of all, you get to choose the setup - sizes, shells, hardware, finish. Our speciality are odd-sized snare drums, single headed drums or weird snare/tom hybrids which you can use all over the set. We can build snares from 10" to 16" diameter in depth of your choice.

Enough already. Now let's build something for you!