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Porthan 3-piece custom drum kit

Porthan 3-piece custom drum kit

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This is a pre-order for a 3-piece Porthan custom drum kit. Lead time about 4-6 weeks.

Price includes:

  • Bass drum, tom and floor tom
  • Sizes of your choice (dimension x depth)
  • Mahogany, Beech or Birch shell with reinforcement rings (Maple +25%)
  • 2,3 mm double flange steel hoops or wood hoops
  • Brass tube lugs
  • Vintage style through shell bass drum spurs
  • Natural or coloured hardwax oil finish
  • Light drums to travel around with

Custom options available, please contact me for a quote.

Buy it now to get your kit in production line, I'll come back to you with details.

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