Porthan classic drums from Finland

Standard options

Below you can find my preferences on these drums. For me they are the best fit for each other sonically, visually and in practice. But, I'm not making these drums for myself so I have listed some options too. I'm happy to build your dream setup so let's talk about it!

  • More wood, less glue

    3-ply drum shells constructed of 2 mm thick plies. Drums from 18" up are 4-ply. No filler wood used between outer and inner plies. Sonically between traditional ply shells and 1-ply solid shells.

    Prefer something else? Custom ply configurations available - and solid shell snare drums.

  • Solid brass tube lugs

    Brass has a musical tone to it. Think of brasswinds or snare drums. There's a reason why brass is preferred to other metals. Solid tuning as a bonus.

    Optionally a single point, self-aligning ball lug. Beavertails and Sound Kings too. Who doesn't love them?

  • Double Flange Hoops

    Similiar to standard triple flange hoops but without the (third) arch at the edge of the hoop. Similiar to hoops used in the middle of 20th century. Rich tone and wide tuning range.

    Also available other hoops such as double flange hoops with clips, brass hoops (yes, brass), stick savers and triple flanges.

  • Standard

    10" - 400 eur
    12" - 480 eur
    13" - 520 eur
    14" - 560 eur
    16" - 640 eur
    18" - 720 eur
    20" - 800 eur
    22" - 880 eur

    Traditional sizes in Ash, Beech, Birch or Mahogany
    3-ply (6 mm) shell on toms and snares, 4-ply (8 mm) on bass drums

    or 5-ply (5.5 mm) with reinforcement rings
    Natural finish
    2,3 mm double flange hoops
    Brass tube lugs

  • Custom

    Wood options
    (such as Maple, Bubinga)

    Shell options
    (custom shell configurations available)

    Finish options
    (such as Champagne Sparkle lacquer, Red Fade Duco, wraps)

    Hardware options
    Lugs (Beavertail, Sound King, Single Ball)
    Hoops (Triple flange Brass or Steel, Stick Saver, Vintage Clip)

Latest works

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