The classiest drums no one knows about.

Porthan Solid Maple 14x5.5 Sunburst
Porthan 18/12/14 African Mahogany



We build every drum shell to custom specifications using responsibly harvested tonewoods such as Mahogany, Beech, Birch and Maple. Reinforcement rings are not needed for strenght but we add them for the balanced sound quality they produce. Then we add precision cut and sanded bearing edges with an outside roundover. What do the finished drums sound like? Resonant and responsive with rich overtones and just the right amount of warm sustain.


Standard hardware configuration includes 2,3 mm double flange hoops, full lenght brass tube lugs or center mounted lugs and vintage-style through-shell bass drum spurs. But if that's not your cup of tea we are not stuck with them. Wooded tom hoops? Beavertail lugs and brackets? Sound King lugs and Stick Saver hoops? Telescopic or folding curved spurs? Not a problem.


We use environmantally friendly hardwax oils to finish the shells. They have many important qualities besides being toxic free. They protect the wood by penetrating the shell and protecting it by forming a durable surface on top. You can choose either natural or coloured finish.

Built for you

We have 25 years of experience building drums but also working in music shops selling and servicing drums. Hundreds of drums have gone through our hands, new and vintage. So we've tons of experience with all the best drums on the planet and what makes them sound so good as they do. We have a preference how we build our drums and what we want them to sound like. But we're not making drums for ourselves, we are making them for you. So we're happy to adjust to your custom specifications. Just let us know what you're after:

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