Porthan classic drums from Finland

Porthan Jazzette drum kit. 3-ply Beech drum shells with Maple reinforcement hoops.

Drum shells

Our standard shell is 3-ply (6 mm thick) constructed of 2 mm plies of premium wood. Bass drums are 4-ply / 8 mm. They are available in Ash, Beech, Birch, Bubinga, Mahogany and Maple, and in hardwax oil finishes.

We also offer 6-ply / 6 mm shells also in many other wood species and wood combinations (such as Maple/Poplar/Mahogany). Altough they are made of thinner plies, sound and construction is very similar to our 3-ply shell. They are also available in wider range of finishes such as Champagne Sparkle lacquer.


Shells come standard with rounded bearing edges and without reinforcement rings. They sound resonant, and responsive with rich overtones and just the right amount of warm sustain.

Part of that mojo comes from vintage style double flange hoops. They are similar to standard triple flange hoops but without the (third) arch at the edge of the hoop. This is the design used back in the good old days - think of "that great pre-57 sound". Rich tone and wide tuning range.

As for lugs, we offer chrome over brass tube lugs or beavertail lugs. Bass drum spur choice is up to you, wether you like classic arched spurs, light through-shell spurs or modern telesopic spurs.

  • Standard

    10" - 300 eur
    12" - 360 eur
    13" - 390 eur
    14" - 420 eur
    16" - 480 eur
    18" - 540 eur
    20" - 600 eur
    22" - 660 eur

  • Specifications

    • 3-ply / 4-ply Ash, Beech, Birch, Mahogany
      (add 25% for Maple or Bubinga)
    • or 6-ply in most wood species
    • Natural or coloured hardwax oil finish
    • Beavertail or chrome over brass tube lugs


    Custom options available
    (shell configuration, hardware and finish options)

    Contact me for a price quote 

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